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Electronic Sales and Marketing: Pointing the Way Towards Quality Injection Molding, Print Circuit Boards, and Wire Assembly Products and Services Throughout Florida

At Electronic Sales and Marketing (ESM) we pride ourselves on the fact that we make life easier with the quality outsourcing and distribution of electro-mechanical products and services from trusted companies, which we provide to a number of clients and industries.

From medical organizations to prototyping machine shops and even security companies, ESM has a number of electro-mechanical products and services that we help clients secure from only the best manufacturers.

Our services and serviced locations span the state of Florida: We provide injection molding, print circuit boards, and wire assembly, to Orlando, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and Tampa, FL!

“Our mission is to enhance the value of business relationships and increase market share for the manufacturers we represent and the customers we serve.  We will give our customers the highest level of technical support”

If you live in Florida, in the areas of Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach or surrounding locations, call on ESM to assist you with acquiring products and services for wire assembly, print circuit boards, and injection molding.  Contact Us Today to get started.